Linda Carrara

Linda Carrara
From 17th April 2013 to 17th July 2013
Gallery Banca Sistema Arte
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by Rossella Farinotti (*)

The artist has selected a series of works with a precise order and correspondences between images that he observed and made his, and experiences.

The thread that ties the painted canvas, the notebooks designed and photographic works, is the city of Brussels, where Linda lived and worked last year, and that is the driving force transposed in these works, where the evolution is tangible.

A journey through large canvases, photographs taken in Bruxelles and small drawings, which the artist relates his experience through pictures stolen, others experienced, abandoned places, details observed from an mindful spectator.

Landscape, leaves, nature, gardens, a window to the outside, aseptic architectures without outputs, bare roofs, worn interior, alive exterior, abandoned pools, steps deserted, a red cup, an egg, a floor ... still life painting that, as they gaze is focused, take shape and vitality through color, veiled but decided.

Each room is a microcosm, a secret to be discovered, such as an obstacle course ordered by the solid geometry of a prism or a box open, or a book to read, with white pages.

Linda in Carrara has drawn a clear perception of things, and shows them as they are, but always with some of mystery, abandon to still life, cause already lived in

"harmony delicate and vibrant, and a light that wraps, and even great joy in the memory" (cited Sibilla Aleramo).

* Curator


Linda Carrara was born in Bergamo, on December 4, 1984. She studied Graphic Design and Graphic Art at the Art Institute of Monza. In March 2006, she graduated from the Experimental Department of Contemporary Art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. She has been the assistant to Prof. Vincenzo Ferrari. She lives and works in Milan.

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