Emiliano Esposto
From 28th February 2013 to 28th May 2013
Gallery Banca Sistema Arte
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Emiliano Esposto was born in Rome in 1979. After graduating in graphic design, he started his personal research for scenic design and coordinated his own art exhibitions, literary and film festivals. In 2010 he joined the acting company Artisti Vagabondi di Milano and the artistic group Roma Showcase 29/33.

By using different techniques and transforming the canvas context with lines and colors, he voices the intimacy of the human nature into a mix of humor and pathos: the result is a brilliant, sometimes irreverent, story of the human fragility.

Emiliano Esposto's works describe his different view of times, now painting abstract forms, now drawing human figures, simple yet subtly complex, never authentic yet ironic. By reinventing the human being and investigating the intimate soul,Emiliano Esposto becomes a storyteller and shows an original use of colors and textures in his portraits.

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