IMPACT: Alchemy, Light And Fame

Julian T
From 24th November 2015 to 22nd January 2016
Gallery Banca Sistema Arte
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As soon as I entered the art studio of Julian T. (Julian Tiscione, Genoa 1985), it happened what most of times happens with young artists. Julian, who grew up in a family of modern art connoisseurs and merchants, had appeared to me in other occasions extremely discreet, almost hesitant to speak about his work in public. Now, I finally understand that his apparent reluctance was instead a sound and worthy-of-support will to safeguard his personal artistic path: a self-defense against the urge to exchange considerations on art, often too superficial. As I entered his art studio in Savona, I felt a different atmosphere: Julian was calm and open to confrontation. We crossed the open space surrounded by panels and canvases, marked with color, and we entered his real laboratory: the claustrophobic room where the union of gestural energy and uncontrollable physical forces generates the paint spot.

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Julian T. was born in Genua, in 1985. A-level at the Arturo Martini Art High School in Savona, where he lives and works. Since 2006, Julian combines his artistic career with a work experience in the "Artelite" gallery.

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