Federico Unia
From 18th September 2014 to 31st December 2014
Gallery Banca Sistema Arte
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An ironic and irreverent but also deep and cultured reflection, as a result of a personal and collective work of introspection: these are some of the most relevant features of works by Federico Unia, young artist hosted by not-for-profit project Banca SISTEMA ARTE.

"Federico Unia. La dilatazione dello sguardo" is the title of the anthological exhibition that Banca Sistema hosts in its Milan headquarters in Corso Monforte. An itinerary made of 30 paintings realized with mixed technique between 2012 and 2014, some of whom belonging to private collections.

The exhibition is organized in a complex cycle of paintings, often of relevant dimensions: works characterized by an original transfiguration and reinterpretation of the historical and artistic heritage.

All works give rise to strong and varied emotional reactions and are extremely rich of symbols.

Technical virtuosity is never an end in itself but always used by the artist to service the expressive message: the aesthetic medium is used in order to communicate and share complaints and reminders, hopes and torments, in a complex "game" of overlapping and contamination.

The most intimate soul of Unia's works, further to being an existential reflection, also involves a mass-media perspective, in so showing the strong influence exercised on him by the Milanese street art, to which his first creative season belongs.

Aim of the solo exhibition is to offer in one shot all the intellectual and aesthetic vitality characterizing the artistic life of Unia, together with its evolution over time.

This is the tenth exhibition organized and promoted by Banca Sistema's not-for-profit project Banca SISTEMA ARTE which, since its birth in 2011, is aimed at encouraging young Italian artists' work and enhancing the importance of their creative heritage.

Banca Sistema also publishes and distributes with Vanillaedizioni a catalogue of the exhibition that runs through the entire path of the artistic production of Federico Unia, thanks to a rich and structured text by Andrea Del Guercio.


Federico Unia, Alias OmerTDk, was born in Milan on October 28, 1983 and his artistic and cultural training is strictly linked to and influenced by the relation with his hometown. A-levels at the Caravaggio Art High School, Milan. Graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera under the supervision of Professor Comotti.

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