Banca Sistema interviews Sofia Cacciapaglia

1st October 2013

Where did you develop such a great passion for painting? What made you choose painting as a career while you were still very young?

My passion came from my need to express my inner world through a medium - painting - that makes me pay attention to all the little things halfway between visible and invisible. I am always looking at the here and now, always looking outside and inside, with as contemplative an eye as possible.

That is where my art comes from: the colours and silence of my studio, the texture of the canvas, the time passing, the cracks in the walls, the corners of a room ... all these little things, these "pathways of thought", which create artistic action that for me would not otherwise be possible.

How would you define the style of your work? Where do you find inspiration?

My work is a quest for an "enchanted" atmosphere, something that I feel to be deeply similar to myself. The forms are imposing yet light, they inhabit an unreal, timeless space. For me, suspension is a way of interpreting the contemporary, the time we live in, a period in which there are increasingly few ideologies and points of reference, and in which infinite worlds coexist. Painting, as I see it, is a quest for an identity that constantly eludes us and is changing all the time.

I also feel that my work is very Italian, in its search for classic forms and the ever-present combination of joy and melancholy. Inspiration comes from all the beautiful things I carry inside, I'm almost addicted to them. Just to mention a few: the statues of Ancient Greece, the sea of Sicily, clouds, hands, white meringue, the work of Balthus, the silent colours of Giorgio Morandi, the light in the deserted corridors of the Brera Academy, the figures of Delvoux ... but I also have a great passion for many Italian artists, such as Gnoli, Paladino, Pascali, Schifano, Morandi and Casorati.

What are the most important elements of the works you chose for the Banca Sistema exhibition?

The paintings chosen for the exhibition represent part of the work I have done since 2008. The exhibition can be seen as a pathway to a new point of departure, the "hour". They all share a quest for the central importance of an emotion, from the flowing, classic, essential, reassuring forms that envelop the onlooker in a relaxed strength, a haven of safety in the uncertainty of life.

Is it hard to be an artist in a society such as ours that seems to care only about finance and economics?

I think that there is an increasing desire, on the part of large economic or financial institutions like banks, foundations and large fashion houses, to explore the artistic and creative world, and to collaborate with it. They are looking at different ways of combining the economy with art, by supporting artists with events, prizes and residential awards of all kinds. I think it's a very positive point in time.

Projects for the future?

I want to my work to keep opening up to the world, and to communicate meaningfully with different worlds and environments.