Banca Sistema interviews Linda Carrara

18th October 2013

You were one of the finalists for the 2013 Cairo Prize. What do you think the judges liked most about your work?

Honestly, I don't know. I don't think it's up to me to say what other people like about it. What I can say is that the complete honesty of what I do is probably closely linked to the sincerity with which people immerse themselves in my art. I've been told that silence is the thing that most attracts people to my work.

Where did your passion for painting come from? Who was the greatest influence in your decision to make art a career?

I don't remember the name of my primary school teacher, but I do remember that she once made me go round the whole school to show off one of my drawings. I didn't understand why, but it certainly fostered my passion for art. Another important moment was when I met Vincenzo Ferrari at the Academy: he showed me how important it was for me to dedicate my life to the same studies as he had, using the media I was most fond of.

You recently said that you have gone through three "cycles" in your artistic work. Can you describe them briefly?

Unfortunately I can't really explain my work. Because it's a visual language, it has a vocabulary all of its own, the pieces need to communicate or explain themselves without being translated into words. Otherwise I would have failed from the outset. By cycles, I was referring to periods in which certain aspects became more important than others, although all my work from the past tends to become part of what I do in the future. The most important thing is the "sliding" between one period and another, the insecurity, the fear and the "not knowing" that exists at such times. It is in that earthquake that the essential elements of my work are created, not in the cycle itself.

Any current exhibitions and plans for the future?

13 October saw the inauguration of the exhibition "Last Young. Under 35 in Italia" curated by Arianna Baldoni, Rossella Farinotti and Lorenzo Respi at Villa Brivio, in collaboration with the Vittorio Viviani Free Academy/ Nova Milanese Cultural Association, the Bice Bugatti Club and the municipality of Nova Milanese. From 16 October until 23 December I will be exhibiting at "Spirito Italiano", curated by Annalisa Bergo, at Fabbrica Borroni (Bollate). Then on 24 October the Cairo Prize, organised by Luca Beatrice, will be held at the Permanente museum in Milan. After that, I'll be able to get down to some work with no commitments other than those with my studio, until next spring, when I would like to return to Brussels.