Banca Sistema was founded in 2011, as a bank specialized in financing and managing trade receivables owed by the Italian Public Administrations, thereby entering a sector of the Italian financial system aimed at granting liquidity to corporate entities in their business dealings with the PA's, mainly through factoring and credit management services.

Through very rapid growth, during this time the Bank has increased the range of services offered to its Clients by adding a complete set of banking products and customizing its offer for individual needs. These Clients, which demand a high level of service, range from big multinationals, to small and medium companies, professionals and private savers.


Banca Sistema is an independent financial operator with a diversified business model. The main objectives of the Bank are: supporting corporate entities in their business dealings with the PA's, acting as a bridge between the Public and Private sectors, as well as offering companies and private customers easy access to up-to-date and simplified banking services, paying particular attention to a country and entrepreneurs which are in a growth phase.

Banca Sistema is member of:

Assifact - Italian Factoring Association
CIPR - Italian Code for Responsible Payments


With the aim to differentiate its business, Banca Sistema, during these years, has expanded and completed the range of banking products offered, besides factoring and debt management and collection products, opening new branches and increasingly tailoring its services to demanding Customers. Among its most popular products are current accounts and time deposits, with durations up to 10 years, further to securities deposit services, salary and pension backed loans and pawnbroking.

The Bank has also experienced a continuous evolution in its factoring offer, granting its Clients services as a "factoring boutique", with traditional, tailored, innovative, dynamic and contemporary services: in line with the needs of companies of any size.

The range of services covers recourse and non recourse factoring, for both public and private debtors, as well as tax credits (annual and quarterly VAT refunds), reverse and maturity factoring services, as well as the certification of PA credits through the platform of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Bank is also active in the purchase and management of non performing financial and trade receivables as well as management and debt recovery from individuals, thanks to its shareholding in specialized companies.

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