Milano, 5th April 2018

Banca Sistema grows in the pawnbroking lending service, where it operates since the beginning of 2017 with its “ProntoPegno” branches.
From Monday April 9 two new branches offering the service will be open: one in Naples and one in Palermo, following the three branches already available in Milan, Rome and Pisa.
With the aim to accelerate the growing process in the business, Banca Sistema has recently acquired the portfolio belonging to an historical operator based in Rome: a way to achieve synergies in a regional area where the bank is already present.

A dedicated App “ProntoPegno” (available for iOS and Android) was launched at the end of 2017: it represents an innovative, discreet and direct channel to get an estimate of the item chosen for the pawnbroking, avoiding queues and waiting at the branches. Through the App it is possible to ask for an estimate and get a preliminary (and not binding) on-line offer for the pledged gold, then set a meeting in one of the bank’s branches to eventually complete the deal.

The pawnbroking lending service, historically carried out by Monti di Pietà, also grants a transparent and regulated access to credit, helping people with temporary economic difficulties having to consider less attractive options. Even people with a poor credit history can access it; no administrative nor financial investigation is needed. The loan is granted over a pledged item; duration can go from three to twelve months and is renewable for a maximum of three years.
All details about the offer are available on (website in Italian, English and Spanish).

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