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Banca Sistema was founded in 2011 with the aim of offering innovative financial solutions, specializing in the purchase of trade receivables from the Public Administration. This has made it possible to guarantee liquidity to the public administration supply companies, carving out an important role in the Italian financial panorama.

Our growth has been rapid and in 2015 we were listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, which rewards excellent companies in terms of communication, transparency, liquidity and governance.

Today, we are an independent financial company specialized in some market niches in which we are leaders. The main business remains Factoring, which has recorded significant growth since its debut, expanding the offer of financing to businesses through the purchase of commercial and tax credits and reaching record volumes and profitability.

Our diversification and development path has been marked by important evolutions: we have launched current accounts and deposit accounts for online retail savings both in Italy and abroad. With the introduction of salary-secured loans in 2014, we entered the sector of personal loans guaranteed by salary and pension, now part of the broader Retail Financing division which is evolving the offer (personal loans, mortgages, lifetime mortgage loans, leasing, long-term rentals, SME financing) also through new commercial agreements with the main market operators who use Banca Sistema's commercial platform (agents, brokers).

In 2016, we started the pawn credit business with a growth plan that led to the creation of our subsidiary Kruso Kapital, listed on the EGM segment in January 2024. Active in the pawn credit sector under the ProntoPegno brand, it offers secured loans from precious objects, even in completely digital mode. Through the Art-Rite auction house, acquired in 2022, Kruso Kapital positions itself in the market of modern, contemporary, ancient art, numismatics and car collecting.

What we will do in the future

We want to maintain our excellence in the factoring and pawn credit sectors, maximizing our economic potential and continuing along the path of organic and inorganic expansion in Italy and abroad; we want to evolve our retail business. We will continue to respond to the growing need for liquidity also through new products and services and by continuing to use digital technology and the potential of artificial intelligence to improve processes and achieve our objectives.

5 reasons to work with us

  • Passion and energy: everyone actively participates in the development of a young and dynamic company, thanks to collaboration and teamwork.
  • Professional development: speed of decision-making, direct professional relationships with company top management and autonomy are the fertile ground for professional growth.
  • Talent and meritocracy: you will work with a specialized team, with experiences and studies also gained at an international level, in a meritocratic environment that stimulates growth.
  • Business diversification: our business stands out for its transversality, divided into some main areas that represent the heart of our business: Factoring, Financing and our subsidiary, Kruso Kapital.
  • Code of Ethics: Our working environment is based on respect for people, fairness and transparency, both towards individuals and the community.

Banca Sistema represents an opportunity to grow in a dynamic and stimulating context. Join us and become an integral part of our team!

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