TUTTOTORNA 2006-2013

Massimiliano Adami
From 17th April 2013 to 17th July 2013
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Fossili Moderni

Modern Fossils: a system for realizing pieces of furniture by making use of recycled objects, containers and polyurethane foam. Adami reinvents new uses for everyday objects that have ended their natural lifecycle in today's consumer world. Objects that we own, but that are no longer useful for us, can continue to be ours through a formal transformation and becoming useful in a different way from what it was originally intended for. It acquires a new identity and new functionalities.

The genesis of this project is not based on common recycling practices, but is based on an ecological vision of extending the lifecycle of objects. The objective is to create new meaning for these objects, by altering their original form and function, improving on them and exalting their formal characteristics.

The phases of production are fundamentally three. The first phase consists in collecting, picking the right objects and cleaning them. The second phase consists in taking all the selected objects, which are either in a larger collecting box or in a recycling bag, and putting them together using polyurethane foam, which binds the objects together as it solidifies, transforming these into a solid block. In the third phase, the block is cut as the artist sees fit.

The result is that the objects contained in the foam are transformed into concave objects which are suitable to contain other useful objects. Randomness has a fundamental role in this process. It is the key to creating a "design" of the final piece of art, rendering it such, rather than being something produced industrially.

Fossils are the only historical artifacts that allow us to glimpse on civilizations and cultures past. Looking at these Modern Fossils, we should appreciate what we are leaving behind for future generations.

GommaPiuma Decor

Unique pieces realized re-thinking the spare elements of the industrial production of sofas and stuffings: a project and a meditation on the material and on its expressive capabilities.

The material, soft polyurethane, due to the manipulation of the industrial spare part and of the "fresh" polyurethane, takes on a new aesthetic connotation, so strong that the textile covering is not necessary.

In addition to the unexpected graphics of the surfaces, the clear and precise cuttings with space orientation which seems to be random, define unusual structures of objects: familiar chairs and shapes of memories sensational in their simplicity.

This first collection is made of 9+1 pieces; from the realization of the first two pieces the material necessary for the further objects was obtained, and so on and so forth. A "regeneration" procedure, with objects always different from the first one, which enlarge and define the recycling matter.<br>Never have pieces been so unique.


Massimilano Adami studied design at the Istituto Statale d'Arte at Monza and at the School of Design at Milan's Politecnico. His artwork has been shown in important design galleries, among others Moss in New York, Philip De Pury in London, Rossana Orlandi in Milan and Ottobarradieci in Bergamo. He has created projects for important firms, such as Alcantara, Cappellini, Meritalia, Poltrona Frau, Refin Ceramiche, Fendi Group/Design Miami and Zerodisegno. His "Fossili Modern" have been inserted into the Triennale Design Museum of Milan permanent collection.

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