The Collection of paintings, drawings and prints

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The Collection of paintings, drawings and prints

by Andrea B. Del Guercio

The purpose of this publication is to bring together in one place the system of images representing an actual art collection, rather than an exhibition. Although the media coverage of the contemporary art world has remarkably improved over the last few years, making it a collective heritage, a cultural happening, as well as a form of communication or a statement, the position of the work of art in the specific and organic context of the collection proves elusive. And so does the process of interferences and contaminations that defines the wide and diverse, thematic or linguistic-formal context of a culture. A work of art is not the result of a single random event, but rather a product-artefact which is the result of a number of factors from unrelated areas of thinking or experience, as well as solutions that reflect emotions and sensitivities common to all artists. This is not the right publication to provide an account of recent history, intended as a systematic process marked by clear evolutionary steps of the concept of the collection; instead, the goal is to emphasize how the principle of the kaleidoscopic action represented by a collection of artworks is the cornerstone of the current situation.

This initiative too is in line with this goal; it is the result of the critical observation of a generation of artists spanning a decade and involved in the cultural and research activities of such an important laboratory as the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.

The organization of this “collection” for the Rome office of Banca Sistema does not represent a random collective exhibition; instead, it is the organization, based on the specific space and its distinct functions and symbolic values, of a journey made up of images and independent expressive values, which emblematically include and represent languages and themes typical of the most recent generations of art.

The first step in pursuing this goal has been to analyse the space at the Bank’s office and its structure, in order to define an exhibition process composed of works taken from the OffBrera gallery in Milan.

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