Stefano Pasini
From 12th November 2012 to 20th February 2013
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by Igor Zanti (*)

The journey beyond our usual places inspired Stefano Pasini's artistic research.

His works explore both the way to chase the romantic myth of endless inspiration through the use of travels and the primordial action to discover the unknown. The outcome means to learn about humans living those places.

By mixing photographs and paintings, Stefano Pasini shows his creative attitude and outlines his personal anthropologic investigation. It is a constant research of relations between his characters and the environment where they are represented.

Of course the surroundings have a strong influence on humans who are inhabiting them, and the artist knows it. Through his works he allows us to learn more about local cultures and traditions: India in 2009, Cairo and Niger in 2010. Each journey means a new project: the experience of a new urban landscape or nature where the humans are the physical and intellectual center.

Colors are intentionally unreal. Pictures have no documentary purposes: we are not looking at National Geographic photos, but to episodes of ideal histories of contemporary and generally unknown humanity.

Every man is a story, every single place is a chance for a tale, all travels the momentum to create.

Pasini's works introduce us the humans and entrust them to eternity. Ecce homo ... and here is his story

* Curator


Stefano Pasini (Castelleone, 1985) graduated in Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2008. Soon after he started his specialization in photography and in 2010 he decided to attend a master at the prestigious John Kaverdash School.

Thanks to his personal photographic research he also experienced the painting and the mixture of the different techniques, and succeed to participate many solo and group exhibitions.

I firmly believe - he says - that Arts is the way we can fix and reinterpret the world around us, and narrate our stories. I think photography and paintings are valuable means to this end.

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