Gaia Lucrezia Zaffarano
From 7th May to 28th October 2015
Gallery Banca Sistema Arte
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The series presented by Lucrezia Zaffarano began when the theme of food was chosen to be placed at the center of EXPO; the creative action was immediate, with a first solution marked by an extreme iconographic-chromatic rigor able to extend the poetic-affective intensity of "My Daughter's Dinner" (2014). The issue of food carried the young artist to a phase of 'absence'; it suggested a concentration on 'silence', anomalous compared to her explosive expressive production, characterized by preciousness, wealth and abundance, in which the artist contrasted the metaphysical atmosphere of expectation in a polite and perceptibly refined set up of the table; the seats are assigned, but marked by emptiness and expectation, more by trace and shadow rather than by real presence. On this basis, she gives life to a Collection that finds its uniqueness in the repetition of form, in identical and different variables of the object shapes, conducted by the severity of the analytical black on the brightness of white, between the strength of the formal icon and the extension of space.

Andrea B. Del Guercio