Thomas Scalco
Dal 24th February 2016 al 27th May 2016
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Thomas Scalco is a solitary sailor lost in a sea of silence and, at the same time, a dreamer who paints with the force of his imagination, penetrating in a world different from reality.

With the capability of seeing surreal scenarios, condensed with a hidden representation, he composes structural elements of architecture suspended in a phase of adjustment, which appear in his paintings as single thoughts of his mind and, more precisely, as a credible and aware search for identity. Through painting, Thomas “learns” to be himself and, by covering his paintings, he reveals inner portions of his personality.

Antonio d'Amico

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Thomas Scalso was born in Vicenza (Italy) in 1987. In 2011, he received his undergraduate degree in visual arts, with major in Painting, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. In 2014, he specialized in painting and in visual arts at the same Academy, presenting a thesis that interlaced the thought of Pavel Florenskij with the research of Marco Tirelli. He has always been “fascinated by the quantity and the quality of connections between two or more elements, brought together or contained in any type of relation that involves their interaction. Starting from the recognition of these relations”, through his painting, Thomas looks for balance. “A balance which apparent standstill is closer to the concept of perfection and unity than to a vision of immobility and sterility. The strongest dynamics originate when two opposite systems are integrated and put in relation, complementing one another, rather than when they are foreign to one other. To these considerations, a strong conceptual and aesthetic interest in the orthodox culture and in particular in the icons must be added, especially as transition points between the different states of being; a characteristic that I consider inseparable from the concept of art work.” The art masters who have most influenced his thought and approach to art during his years of development were Luca Bendini and Remo Salvadori. Thomas Scalco lives and works between Vicenza and Venice.

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