The young artist is host of the not-for-profit Banca SISTEMA ARTE project
Opening on September 28, 2017

Milano, 7th September 2017

Banca Sistema hosts “ATTRAZIONI”, solo exhibition of Adua Martina Rosarno (Cinquefrondi, 1990), young Italian artist who graduated with honors from Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia and winner of Arteam Cup 2016, Under 30 class.
The exhibition is organized and promoted in the context of the not-for-profit Banca SISTEMA ARTE project, which, since its birth in 2011, has been supporting the work of many Italian emerging artists, between 18 and 35 years old, by providing them with occasions and tools to gain visibility.
The exhibition itinerary develops in the headquarters of Banca Sistema situated in Milan between a 140 squared meters designated area and the meeting rooms, corridors and common areas, where it can benefit visitors, customers and the employees.
In “ATTRAZIONI”, the artist shows more than 30 unreleased paintings of assorted dimensions made in 2017 on purpose for the exhibit. Among the art works on display, Note di Viaggio (Introspettivo), made in 2014 and winner of the Under 30 section of the Arteam Cup 2016.
The technique used by Rosarno is watercolour on acrylic and weaving on fine-grained canvas or paper.
The work of Adua Martina Rosarno stands out because of its strong introspective character and the pervasiveness of cool tones, which are the result of an intense colour-dedicated research commenced with master Remo Salvadori. Her paintings, which are representations of inner places and memories, are embellished by the stitching that, intersecting the painted canvas, originates physical and mental paths. The exhibition, in which lines, colours, transparencies and contrasts follow one another forming illusory landscapes, is therefore able to convey a wide spectrum of emotions through the merging of the sensitive and imaginative experiences.
Adua Martina Rosarno’s solo exhibition, whose opening will be on September 28, 2017, is held in Banca Sistema, Corso Monforte 20 Milan, until December 31, 2017. Entrance by invitation (for information: or tel. +02 802801).
In order to further promote the artistic production of Rosarno, Banca Sistema publishes and distributes with Vanillaedizioni a bilingual (Italian-English) catalogue of the exhibition enriched by an introduction written by Anna Lisa Ghirardi, contemporary art critic and curator.

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